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Slate for 2018-2019 NYC/LI NARI Board of Directors

Below are the candidates to be voted on for the NARI Board of Directors at the May General Membership Dinner Meeting for the 2018-2019 term by a majority vote, a quorum being present. The officers and directors will be elected and sworn in by the membership at the annual meeting of the NYC/LI June Chapter Dinner Meeting.

Executive Board

Chairman of the Board
Daniel Vazquez

Patrick Bentivegna

Vice President
Laurence Carolan

John Hogan OR Joanne Bechhoff
(Determining Vote Will Take Place At May Dinner Meeting)

Ben Jackson

Board Members
Eric Vogel
Jason Braithwaite
Wendy Lepkoff
Dawn Cameron
Desmond Greaves
Joanne Bechhoff
George W. Combs
John Hogan
Sheree Jeanes
Ed Adelman